lunedì 12 luglio 2010

Partnership GLEG-APMR generates international projection of the CMSB XXXIX in Para

Like what happened in 2009 when the Grand Lodge of the State of Goiás and the Masonic News Agency of Romania started a partnership, the disclosure of the CMSB XXXVIII General Assembly and later this work was repeated at the Third Reunion of the Grand Lodges the Midwest held in October in Cuiabá-MT, this year also the APMR is reporting online and in real time throughout the CMSB XXXIX General Assembly works, held in Belem, northern Brazil.

the APMR international correspondent in Brazil, Brethren Charles Gladston, member of the Mahatma João Racy Lodge nº 28

Once again Brethren Charles Gladston was chosen as official correspondent of the European News Agency in Brazil during this event. "Simultaneously we disclose all programming and both official and social activities in Brazil through our site but also in the world, thanks to this promising partnership with our European Brethrens," said the journalist Brethren.
To monitor the international broadcast of the event just visit the site

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