mercoledì 29 febbraio 2012

San Ramon - March 9-11: Collaborative Leadership, Shared Success.

The 2012 Masters and Wardens Retreats – taking place this spring in both northern and southern California – offer a new opportunity for lodge leaders: A team-based workshop approach to plan their lodges’ future. 
At the retreats, lodge officers will convene with colleagues throughout the state to enhance relationships between lodges and deepen their connection with Grand Line officers. They will learn how to identify and nurture their individual lodge cultures, embracing member strengths and guiding lodge initiatives toward collective success and ownership. 
Bestselling leadership development author Dr. Walter Wright, executive director of the De Pree Leadership Center, will be the keynote speaker. Dr. Wright will illustrate how business leadership techniques can be used in lodge to enhance relationships between lodge leaders, and to provide the continuity necessary to achieve long-term lodge goals. 
The intensive two-day retreats are open to all lodge masters, wardens, and junior wardens. Lodge leaders are encouraged to attend as a team.

Fonte: Masons of California