giovedì 14 aprile 2011

CLIPSAS : 21 Maggio 2011

To restore among all Freemasons the Universal Chain of Union broken by deplorable debarments, the Sovereign Masonic Powers convened in Strasbourg on January 22nd 1961 decided to establish a Chain of Union founded on a total Freedom of conscience and on perfect mutual Tolerance and, in the Appeal of Strasbourg, they call all Freemasons to join this Chain.
Above all, the Appeal of Strasbourg is the rejection of intolerance and all dogmatic and others debarments in Masonry.
At the same time, it reaffirms the Universality of Masonry, in accordance with the Constitutions of Anderson of 1723, founding of Speculative Masonry.
Also, it fosters an open mind to the Other without condition of reciprocity.
Very numerous Obediences responded to this Appeal. They gathered together in the Centre of Liaison and Information of the Masonic Powers Signatories of the Appeal of Strasbourg, in short CLIPSAS, which, far from setting itself as a superobedience, is a masonic association of Sovereign Obediences, under French Law.
At the beginning of the XXIth Century, CLIPSAS is the only adogmatic Masonic association at the world level. It assembles sixty four Obediences, all united in an Absolute Liberty of Conscience, in Europe, Middle East, Africa, North, Central and South Americas, providing to CLIPSAS a specific and unique intercontinental nature.
At its next General Assembly on May 21st 2011, CLIPSAS will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary in Strasbourg and this exceptional event will bring together all Brothers and all Sisters who joined the Universal Chain of Union.
Thanks to numerous new memberships, CLIPSAS will pursue without respite developing the Universal Chain of Union towards the goal of the Appeal of Strasbourg,
Gather what is Scattered.

Marc-Antoine Cauchie
President of CLIPSAS