giovedì 14 aprile 2011

Brussels, May 14-15th, 2011 - Women Fellow Craft Convention : "Women and Fellow Crafts".

Women Fellow Craft Convention
"Women and Fellow Crafts"
Brussels, May 14-15th, 2011
Why ?
The 2d degree is a special step in one's masonic traject. A transitional one, but also one of sun, during which we focus on opening up to the other, discovering, broaden one's horizon of search and work.
However, few actions are undertaken to allow contacts that are specific to that degree, to provide opportunities for building international relations and for opening to the diversity that fosters the transition to the horizontal. 
This project is meant to install, on a long term basis, a pattern of international exchanges between the Women Fellow Crafts from our European obediences.
Goals :
v  Gather, during a week-end, the Women Fellow Crafts from the women European obediences and from related obediences, to provide an time and space for:
o   sharing about the 2d degree (symbolism, different rites and rituals)
o   allowing intercultural exchanges about society issues
o   sharing fellow craft and traveling experiences
o   building international relations and informal contacts
o   producing  a common workpiece, in the fellow craft tradition
o   Friendliness and fun ! 
v  Find amongst the other women European obediences, communication relays that last through time beyond transitions of degrees 
v  Install a tradition for the periodic organizing of that event - and therefore find organisational  resources amongst the other obediences.  
Indicative Programme :
Saturday, May 14th
v  welcome lunch
o   Occasion to meet and start building informal contacts
o   Beggar's banquet
o   Presentation of the programme and organisation  
v  Afternoon
o    Ť open space forum ť (symbolic - philosophical and society workshops)
o    operative workshops, handcraft, networking...  
v  Evening :
o   2nd degree meeting with lecture and/or witnesses, welcoming BB/SS from other obediences  
o   banquet 
Sunday, May 15th 
v  Morning : presentation of the synthesis from saturday's workshops  
v  Noon : farewell ceremony, drink and light lunch  
Organisation : 
v  project management : SS from Irini (GLFB), Fellow Crafts and Master Masons
v  participants :
o   Sisters Fellow Crafts from the women European obediences
o   Sisters Fellow Crafts from related women or mixed obediences
o   Sisters MM, only if participating to the organisation
v  dates: May 14th-15th, 2011
v  place : Brussels (rue du Persil)
v  languages : French - English